Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Day 11 Worst Day Thus Far

This has probably been the worst day of meditation so far. I’m surprised my patience even lasted 15 minutes. The headphones were falling out continuously and the audio was skipping the entire time. Nothing came to me in my visualizations. After 15 minutes of it, I had had enough. I’d have to guess that that’s part of the meditation journey. You’ll have days where your patience is tested. They’ll also be days where nothing really comes to your mind. 15 minutes. Better than nothing. 

Total Meditation Time: 295 Minutes 

Meditation Benefit: Helps you release suppressed emotions 

Monday, December 2, 2013

Day 10 More Deep Meditation

I was using a soundtrack for deep meditation again for this session. I was back in the mausoleum in my meditation. Again, I was running through the hallways searching for where to go again. I then came across this one hallway. At the end of the hallway, there was a fountain. The room was changing colors. The colors were bluish and orangish. There was a female sitting there in a dress. I then went to the fountain and the Mausoleum closed off. I was outside near the fountain looking up at the sky. I was in a different country. I just didn’t know where. I then found myself flying above this place. It was gone all of sudden and it looked like I was floating in space. The goal pot appeared again. I entered the pot and there was all these gold coins in there. I dove into the gold coins and threw them around out of happiness. I then left the pot and found myself at an abandoned hospital. It looked a lot like the abandoned Linda Vista Hospital in Los Angeles, CA. I was walking down the hallways of the first floor. Since it’s haunted, I could feel some spirits staring at me. I then came across a girl that had died there. She was staring at me and seemed that she wanted my help. That’s where my meditation ended. Not as intense as the last one, but I think I got into more of my subconscious mind. 

Total Meditation Time: 280 Minutes

Meditation Benefit: Increases Brain Volume 

Day 9 Deeper Meditation

This meditation session was quite the adventure. I used a soundtrack that allowed me to go deeper into my session. I really believe I got deep into my subconscious mind. It was amazing how far I felt like I went. The visions are somewhat violent just so you know. I was wearing this military like armor suit equipped with a gun. I was looking up at this mountain. Suddenly, this gold light started shining at the very top of the mountain. I began to run toward the mountain to get up to the light. Then, these clouds started to come in and covered the top of the mountain. I continued to run when I was suddenly chased by zombies. These were the type that ran too! I continued to sprint toward the mountain using my handgun to shoot the zombies in the head. When I got close to the mountain, it started making this path that went up. I kept running, still being pursued by zombies. I finally got to the top of the mountain. It was a gold pot that said goal. I looked in the pot, but I didn’t see anything because my point of view went to the third person, so I saw myself looking into the pot. It was then, the clouds cleared and this pathway began to come together off of the mountain. I began walking this pathway. The clouds were over there. I ended up walking into the clouds not seeing anything for a while. I then ended the path and came across this cemetery. I was walking towards this mausoleum. I looked back, and the path with clouds was still there. I then focused on getting to the mausoleum. The zombies were back. This time they were coming out of the graves. Again, I neutralized the zombies with the handgun I was equipped with. It was a .45. I then started to dig up this grave and dug deep. Zombies were coming out of the sides, so I shot them in the head. After digging deep enough, I then dug up. This is how I got into the mausoleum. It was very ancient looking with candles like a tomb you would see in Egypt. The mausoleum then transformed. It was huge and had white tile on the walls.  I began running through it. The hallways were deep and long. The walls began to narrow. There were multiple hallways, so I had to go with my intuition on where to go. There was some darkness in the hallways as well. I then came across the goal pot once again. Except, this time as I was running toward it, and it didn’t feel like I was getting any closer to it. It was like it was being pulled back. I finally got to it and this is where the meditation ended. It was intense and interesting. Using this deeper meditation music, I think I got to see some of my own good and bad traits that are deep within me. These visions were not forced. They came to me. 

Total Meditation Time: 250 Minutes

Meditation Benefit: Increases Positive Emotions 

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Day 8 Patience Tested

Worst meditation day thus far. Feeling very irritable after the session. I guess my body has been getting more relaxed since getting started with this meditation project. When you get more relaxed, anything suppressed in the body will come up. About anything that could be extremely distracting during meditation happened in this session. The audio kept skipping and freezing, along with my ear phones falling out every 2-3 minutes. I actually tolerated those things pretty well. I focused on the meditation the best I could. Those type of things drive completely crazy. I guess my patience has gone up in the past 8 days. My visions weren’t very positive though. I got some violent visions of some situations that have been bugging me. I wasn’t really able to focus on anything in particular. Since the audio kept freezing for 2-3 seconds every minutes or two and my ear phones kept falling off, I decided to end the session at 20 minutes. Not the best meditation session, but the attempt, and the effort was there with the intent, and that’s what really counts. My patience was tested today in this session. I’d say that I did a fairly decent job at responding to the annoyances. 

Total Meditation Time: 220 Minutes

Meditation Benefit: Shown to increase social life

Day 7 More Astral/Deeper Breathing

More astral projection went on on my 7th day of mediation. I’m also able to take deeper breaths when I breath now as well. I have to say though, that I haven’t been taking the breathing very seriously. I must be applying it on a subconscious level. I’ll Let you know as well that I’ve been using a Kelly Howell guided mediation audio these past 7 days. Anyways, I had another astral projection experience. This time, my spirit was able to move out of my body, and I was looking at myself lying down. Again, I was flying over my city looking at the mountains. This time, I decided to fly over Los Angeles. Then, I went over to Pacific Coast Highway and flew up the coast. I flew on over to Portland, OR and Seattle, WA. Then on my way back down, I decided to go into the middle of the ocean. I actually encountered a shark that swallowed my energy. I was able to see the inside of the shark. I know it sounds crazy, but these thoughts were not forced. I then ended up at this man’s funeral. I was looking down upon him as he laid in his casket. Suddenly, someone stood next to me. It was the guy in the casket! I’m guessing this was his spirit. He looked at me with a great big smile. He then extended his hand to me and we shook hands. He then said to me “You’ll do fine.” He looked happy and looked like he accomplished a great life. I was then in Las Vegas at the Palazzo waterfall by myself. A cat then accompanied me and rubbed up against my leg purring.  I then came back into my body. My body was feeling light and tingly. An interest out of body experience tonight!

Total Meditation Time: 200 Minutes 

Meditation Benefit: Improved Memory 

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Day 6 Astral Projection Occurs

Today, I believed I experienced Astral Projection during my meditation session. Astral Projection is also known as OBE (Out of Body Experience). It’s when you are able to leave your physical body and be your spirit. About 10 minutes into my meditation session, I felt I could leave my body. I could see my energy rising up out of my body. I was having some difficulty. The process would be happening, then I would have trouble taking the astral projection further. This forced my spiritual energy to go back into my body. Then about 5 minutes later, I was able to take my spirit energy further away from my body. I was above my house and I was flying over my city. This led me to having visions of hiking in the woods. I was in Mammoth, CA on a hiking trail that’s pretty well known in the area. On the hiking trail, you look for diamonds on the trees to get to a lake. I didn’t get to the lake though. All I remember was the diamonds on the trees. The progress has been amazing so far. Only after 5 days, I’ve experienced Astral Projection. No goal visualization came to me today. That’s okay. I feel that progress has been made. However, I did visit my desired workplace in my Astral Projection experience. 

Total Meditation Time: 170 Minutes

Meditation Benefit: Being more compassionate 

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Day 5 Issues Arise/Another Goal Comes

There’s always those times where we have to deal with our difficulties. It seemed to happen right when I dove into my meditation project. Meditation relaxes you and it can benefit greatly. You become more receptive to life. This means you’re more open to things. It’s great in achieving your goals. However, it seems that personal issues are attracted as well. I had to deal with an issue and it wasn’t fun. It was what most people see as an obstacle. In my mind though, there is no such thing as an obstacle. I see it more as evolution. Evolution isn’t always fun, but as long as there is progress, that’s what matters. Then I got into my meditation around 9:00 p.m. I did it during a psychic hour time again. I was visualizing my current goal along with a goal that’s coming this December. 15 minutes into the meditation, more creative ideas were coming to me along with more positive affirmations. Things like “I am rich in conscience and rich in dollars”, and “I accept my desirable outcome of success.” It’s only day 5, but it’s already been quite a journey. 

Total Meditation Time: 140 Minutes 

Meditation Benefit: Increased Creativity